Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Released Official Engagement Photos And Their Fans Reacted Immediately


Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Released Official Engagement Photos And Their Fans Reacted Immediately

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle keep sharing new super candid photos, evoking the ‘Aww’ reaction of many fans. We are happy that this man has finally found the love of his life, so he no longer is the third wheel to Kate and William!

Tight trio

Indeed, at numerous public appearances, Prince Harry was playing gooseberry to the Dutch and Duchess. As a result, we have reams of awkward and funny photos of a tight trio at formal events. And since there will likely be no more snaps of such kind, let’s look at some of the most memorable ones.


Sometimes, it seems like Harry was forced to attend events with his brother and sister-in-law as he was rather bored.


And here’s a photo of Harry imitating William by placing a supportive hand on his brother’s back. Such a tender moment!


Even during their wedding, Harry seemed to be lost in his own world.

Exquisite engagement photos

But things have changed. And now, the fans are delighted to see cute engagement pictures of Harry and Meghan.


In one color photo, the two are seen sitting together and holding hands on the steps of Frogmore.

Another picture is an adorable black and white portrait of Harry and Meghan smiling and embracing.

The royal couple later shared one more gorgeous photo that shows Meghan’s arm looped in Harry’s hand.

The amazing photos were taken by Alexi Lubomirski, who also expressed his gratitude to the royal couple for allowing him to capture such intimate moments.

Fan reactions

There’s no wonder that these pictures caused a prompt reaction of numerous fans of the couple.

People admired the shots and thanked the photographer for capturing the royal love.

Of course, there were congratulations and many warm wishes.

Some comments were rather creative. This one looks like a plot to some Disney movie.

And others just stressed that it was a remarkable day.

The couple will get married in May 2018, and we cannot wait to see their wedding pictures!

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