Pregnancy Fitness: Pippa Middleton Reveals How To Stay Fit Even When You Are Expecting A Baby


Pregnancy Fitness: Pippa Middleton Reveals How To Stay Fit Even When You Are Expecting A Baby

The thick fog of speculations concerning Pippa Middleton’s pregnancy is finally cleared out! The Duchess of Cambridge’s sister confirmed the exciting news in her monthly column in the U.K. supermarket monthly magazine, Waitrose Weekend.


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She also shared her workout routine that has changed since she became pregnant. Pippa has been lucky, as she hasn’t suffered from severe morning sickness that hit her sister during her all three pregnancies.


When she found out about the happy news, she adjusted her four to five-day-a-week fitness routine but kept her pregnancy a secret even from her trainer until the “riskier months’ went by.

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Even though Pippa decided to postpone the announcement, many trainers recommend their clients to tell the news as soon as they found out because, in this way, the trainers can monitor their pregnant clients more.

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According to Middleton, exercising helped her get even stronger during her pregnancy. But she still felt confused as to what she can and can’t do. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists says that swimming, walking, modified yoga, and Pilates are allowed if you feel like working out.

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Overall, you can do pretty much everything you have done before your pregnancy during the first trimester. But again, it is better to get an advice from a certificated trainer.

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Pippa plans to continue working out during her pregnancy if she’s feeling good. She hopes that after giving birth, her favorite jeans “will still fit eventually”.

The experts, in general, recommend exercising when you are expecting, but it’s important to listen to your body and stop when you feel like it.

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