Poor Thing! Dog Abandoned By Family At The Airport Waited For 6 Months At The Same Door


Poor Thing! Dog Abandoned By Family At The Airport Waited For 6 Months At The Same Door



There are heartless people in this world, but what they did to this puppy seems to have crossed the line. The poor animal was abandoned at the airport for 6 months and it has become the news thanks to the generosity of a woman who helped him when it seemed like it was the end for him.

According to statistics of Affinity Foundation, in 2016, about 137,000 dogs were collected throughout Latin America. Although it is true that this number has come in a steady decline since 2008 when they accounted for nearly 160,000 animal rescues, the numbers are still very high and continue to show that the problem of pet abandonment is very serious in the region.


For instance, there was a very famous and controversial case reported a few days ago in the city of Lima, Peru. It became public thanks to the benevolence of a woman who published the story of Bumer, a beautiful canine that was abandoned at the Jorge Chávez airport about 6 months ago. His case is very different from another dog that was reunited with his family after being lost due to a car accident.

Milagros Salazar wrote a Facebook post about how the owners left the 4-year-old dog to his fate in front of the national flight departure hall and never came back. Apart from the terrible sadness that the animal must have felt because of being rejected by his family, the dog has faced hunger and illness due to his difficult life at the airport.

However, what is the most incredible about this story is the dog after all this time still hopes his loved ones will return for him and it is the only thing that keeps him going:

 He has not moved from that door for six months and there is no way to convince him to do it, but being outside, experiencing the cold and the lack of food have already taken their toll.

The dog has survived all these months only thanks to the generosity of Milagros who brings him food every so often, as well as the food provided by taxi drivers and airport employees. However, the animal shows slight signs of malnutrition and has gotten ill several times because of the cold that affects him when sleeping at night in the open air.

Luckily, one family was moved by Milagros’s story and has decided to adopt him, but the animal has been homeless for a long time and required medication and a special diet. Nonetheless, the joy of knowing that Bumer has a family is only comparable to how this puppy felt when she found something very special on the beach.

What to do if I can no longer keep my pet?

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It is completely understandable that you think about giving your pet away to someone when you are experiencing financial difficulties. However, leaving it helpless is not the way to go. Therefore, today we are giving you a few tips to make the transition process faster and easier for your pet.

1. Use your creativity

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You can organize a raffle, create a group on social networks to find a sponsor for the animal, find information and help in a shelter, or publish an advertisement to find the pet a new loving home.

2. Adoption fairs and NGOs

A good solution is to take the animal to an adoption fair or ask for help from NGOs to find a new owner.

3. Ask for financial help through crowdfunding  

Digital portals like GoFundMe are a good option if you do not want to leave your pet behind. You’ll need to publish images of your pet and be entirely sincere in sharing your story with the world. There are generous people who will definitely want to help you out of this trouble.

In short, however much the issue has improved, there is still a lot to be done before we finally eradicate the problem of animal abandonment. Do your best to help stray animals whenever you can and don’t ever leave your pet behind.

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