"Plastic, Plastic, Plastic": British Diver Films Swimming In A Trash-Filled Ocean In Bali


"Plastic, Plastic, Plastic": British Diver Films Swimming In A Trash-Filled Ocean In Bali

The problem of plastic waste pollution concerns not only the land but also the ocean world. But it is difficult to imagine plastic bags and bottles on the beaches of such an exotic island as Bali.

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British diver, Rich Horner, has filmed a shocking video in which he swims in the water, densely strewn with plastic and food waste. The footage was shot in the Indian Ocean, near the resort of Manta Point, which is located 20 km from the popular holiday island of Bali.

Horner posted the video on Facebook with a message:

The ocean brought us as a gift slippery jellyfish, plankton, leaves, branches, sticks and so on. Oh, and a bit of plastic. Plastic bags, straws, bottles, glass. Plastic, plastic, plastic, so much plastic!

We offer you to check this impressive and sad video that made us contemplate how much harm to our planet is caused by plastic waste.

The video shows how the diver swims under the cloud of debris, formed from organic matter, and waste from plastic. It’s difficult to spot jellyfish, fish, and stingrays between packages and wrappers.

The day after the video was published, Horner made a little update, saying that later the current carried away all the debris into the open sea, however, small particles still remained. They pose a threat to the local flora and fauna, as they interfere with the sunlight necessary for the normal life of fish and corals.

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The diver explained how the garbage enters the ocean:

Basically, it is washed away from the storm sewage of coastal towns and villages. But most of it is also washed out of rivers when there are strong tropical downpours. Probably, stains of waste were formed as a result of a storm, which washed the garbage into the water.

Indonesia daily produces about 130 thousand tons of plastic and solid wastes, and only half of them reaches the burial sites. The rest is either illegally burned, or dumped into rivers or the ocean

Plastic waste is a problem not only in this region but also throughout the planet as a whole. Plastic bottles will decompose in a natural way in about 100 years, and bags of polyethylene – up to 200 years. Let’s be cautious about this problem and try to save our planet by sorting and recycling the garbage.

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