Pink Hair, Bangs, Or Classic Curls: Oprah Winfrey's Three Looks On 'O, The Oprah Magazine' Covers


Pink Hair, Bangs, Or Classic Curls: Oprah Winfrey's Three Looks On 'O, The Oprah Magazine' Covers

After the rousing speech of Oprah Winfrey at the Golden Globes ceremony, a number of American media suggested that the TV presenter is really considering the possibility of running for office in 2020. Although NBC reported that it was not true, the buzz is still yet to settle. But Oprah does not cease to surprise her fans. This time – with her hairstyles.

New looks

On January 9, the entertainment industry giant unveiled three amazing new covers of the upcoming edition of her magazine. Each photo features Oprah sporting different fresh hairstyles, and some of them are honestly quite surprising.

In the first look, the OWN mogul is seen rocking sassy purple, pink, and magenta steaks in a textured ponytail. Looking at the plenty of likes, comments, and reposts, it is obvious that this one is the most favorite cover among Oprah’s followers.

In the next picture, the star has a completely different look. This time, she sports chic short hair with fringed bangs, the hairstyle that we have not seen on her for more than two decades!

The final one is also worth admiring. In it, the TV presenter glams out in a gold dress with her curly hair down.

Fans’ reaction

Sure, the fans of the former daytime talk-show host were delighted to see any of these three stunning shots. They quickly took it off to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to shower her with compliments.

Behind the photo shoot

Although we will enjoy the edition only in February, Oprah has already opened up about a few details. There’s no surprise that the main topic of the magazine will be hair and beauty. But there will be some other important themes to put a spotlight on, including identity. And when touching upon this issue, Oprah shares:

I really define myself as someone who is really grounded in the essence of my own spirituality and trying to connect that to my humanity every day.

We are looking forward to getting to know what other interesting topics the newest edition will cover.

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