Pierce Brosnan's Grown Up Sons Make Their Spectacular Debut At The Golden Globes


Pierce Brosnan's Grown Up Sons Make Their Spectacular Debut At The Golden Globes

For many, Pierce Brosnan is the ultimate James Bond. But for his 2 sons, Paris and Dylan, he’s simply a dad. The Irish superstar that charmed his way into Hollywood shares his 2 boys with his second wife, Keely Shaye Smith.

Pierce Brosnan’s children have grown up in a loving family as the actor has proclaimed his love and devotion to Keely numerous times. Smith is an American journalist who used to appear on TV quite often but she dedicated her life to Pierce Brosnan and their sons.

Recently, Paris and Dylan made their official showbiz debut and they looked incredibly handsome!

People are swooning over Pierce Brosnan’s kids

At the 77th Golden Globe Awards, Pierce Brosnan made his appearance a family affair as he introduced his Hollywood friends to his 2 handsome sons.

The actor looked all dapper in all-black while his sons went for the Nineties tuxedo look. Pierce Brosnan and his kids decided to honor one designer as the entire clan appeared wearing Armani.

22-year-old Paris and his 18-year-old brother Dylan had some special roles to perform during the event. Both boys were chosen as the Golden Globe ambassadors, shuttling suited-up actors and glamorously-dressed actresses across the stage.

The roles were previously held by the Stallone sisters and Idris Elba’s daughter so the boys took their responsibilities very seriously.

The stars of modeling world

Paris and Dylan are easy on the eye as they inherited their famous father’s charm. No wonder both of them chose to become models. Paris is signed with Next Models and has walked the runway for many designers, including Dolce and Gabbana.

Dylan has quite an impressive CV, too:

  • the handsome young man modeled for Burberry and YSL and was even featured in GQ Germany;
  • he appeared in three movies already;
  • he sings in a band called Raspberry Blonde;
  • he’s a philantropist.

It’s evident that Pierce Brosnan’s children have a bright future ahead of them. With such good looks they might even follow their father’s footsteps and conquire the acting world – who knows! We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for them.

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