People Of Colorado Spent Their Christmas Volunteering For The Homeless


People Of Colorado Spent Their Christmas Volunteering For The Homeless

Christmas should be a time of sharing and helping those in need. In these harsh winter months, it’s the homeless people that should get our help. Nothing warms up a person better than a blanket and the feeling that someone really cares about you.

Homelessness in Colorado

Homelessness has risen in Colorado over the past few years, and the number of homeless people is now almost 11,000. Of course, this increase simply mimics the rising numbers of homeless people in the entire country. It is speculated that the lack of affordable housing might be the reason behind such sad statistics.

However, regardless of the reason, 11,000 people is a lot of unfortunate souls. Something had to be done, and the people of Colorado made sure they helped as much as it was possible.


Christmas volunteers

Citizens of Colorado have obviously understood what celebrating Christmas is all about. On the 25th of December, hundreds of volunteers made their way to Denver’s Civic Center Park. Instead of being home and opening their presents in warm rooms, these noble people decided that helping someone else is more important. 

The good people of Colorado handed out blankets and winter clothes. Also, around 1200 hamburgers were made and 500 sleeping bags were gifted to the homeless. What an incredible feat!

A nation’s greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members. – Mahatma Gandhi

The entire country tips its hat to you, Colorado. You made us all proud.

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