People Are Disgusted Because Of Kenneth Cole’s Tweet Amid Kate Spade’s Suicide: “She Was An Inspiring Accessory”


People Are Disgusted Because Of Kenneth Cole’s Tweet Amid Kate Spade’s Suicide: “She Was An Inspiring Accessory”

While the family and friends are mourning the death of Kate Spade, there are still some people who show disrespect to the late designer. Her colleague Kenneth Cole released a statement which the majority of Twitter users considered to be offensive and totally inappropriate amid the recent tragedy.

Why did Kenneth Cole delete his tweet?

Kate Spade was a true icon in the fashion industry. A lot of celebrities shared their sincere condolences to Kate’s family on their tragic loss.

As it was reported earlier, Ms. Spade was found dead Tuesday morning in her apartment. She committed suicide according to the reports.

However, there are always such people who should better think twice before saying something. You know like people say: ‘Tweet like you want to be tweeted.”


Kenneth Cole was highly criticized for his offensive comment in relation to Spade’s suicide. In a now-deleted tweet, Cole said:

She alone didn’t change the handbag world but she was an inspiring accessory.

After a huge wave of negative comments, Cole replaced his tweet with a new one. This time he wrote that Kate Spade left an indelible mark on the fashion industry and her inspiring life and work will be missed.

Following online criticism, Kenneth understood his mistake, however, he didn’t apologize to the family.

Another offensive comment from a family member

Need to say that Kenneth Cole was not the only one whose comment on Kate Spade’s death generated a negative public reaction.

Kate’s older sister, Reta Brosnahan Saffo, made statements to multiple sources saying she believes her sister suffered from a mental illness and her suicide was not unexpected to her.

According to Reta, Kate and her husband Andy were struggling with family difficulties before her suicide.

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Despite some harsh comments, other family members and close friends remember Kate as a kind, generous, and warm person. They will keep only good memories about her.

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