Penny-Pinching: Prince Charles Wears Shoes And Jacket He Bought 50 Years Ago


Penny-Pinching: Prince Charles Wears Shoes And Jacket He Bought 50 Years Ago



Kate Middleton’s and Meghan Markle’s wardrobes are stacked with clothes. And we are afraid Prince Charles, their father-in-law, can’t relate to it. Because he is still wearing a jacket he bought in 1969 and a pair of shoes he got in 1971.


It was mentioned in Australian Financial Review. Charles didn’t try to hide the fact that his clothes and footwear are repeatedly mended. It is holding up well, and he doesn’t mind patches.

It is unclear, though, what exactly he is referring to. But Daily Mail journalists assume that it is a pair of mahogany brogues that the Monarch has been wearing since 1971. Take a look.


Prince Charles gives a brilliant explanation:

I have always believed in trying to keep as many of my clothes and shoes going for as long as possible. Through patches and repairs. Until they are worn out. And in this way I tend to be in fashion once every 25 years.

I can’t even think about throwing something away. If not mend, one may find numerous other applications. I couldn’t be more delighted with growing awareness to get away from the ‘throwaway society’ and to move towards a more ‘circular economy’.

The Monarch is sure that this approach will save the planet. He insists that materials like wool and leather ought to be used carefully and properly recycled.


Charles went on to say he feared the use of synthetic fibers, as it is the same as ‘throwing out the baby with the bathwater’. That’s why he spent a substantial part of his life to get the proverbial “baby” back. In other words, to remind us to live in harmony with nature, not to destroy it. Because in result it might be a “toxic planet” that our children would inherit.


Let’s admit that this is a sound approach! If the Prince can be sparing with his clothes, so can we. You can spend the saved money on education, leisure, or charity. What do you think about Charles’ approach?

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