Paul Newman And Joanne Woodward Met On Set, And Shared 50 Loving Years Together


Paul Newman And Joanne Woodward Met On Set, And Shared 50 Loving Years Together

Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward were Hollywood magic. Beyond the screen, their love was a gift to witness.


The Long, Hot Summer

Their romance began while filming The Long, Hot Summer and a year later, in 1958, they were married. But their magical story did not start there.

When they first set eyes on each other, they were just starting out. Newman was yet to make his debut and Woodward was an understudy in the play Picnic. Newman was married to his first wife at the time.


They co-starred in 10 films including The Long, Hot Summer and lived most of their family life away from prying eyes until Paul’s death in 2008.

Their 50-year marriage

Newman says Woodward did not have a good impression of him in the beginning. She saw him as no more than a pretty face. But, she eventually fell in love with him and came to think of him as the most considerate, romantic man.


Newman called her one of the last great broads.

It was not just their on-screen chemistry and picture perfect love that people were drawn to. They had one of the most wholesome relationships in Hollywood.


Although Newman continued to carry the guilt of his divorce, his life with Woodard lived mostly in their 18th-century Connecticut farmhouse was built on mutual love, lust and respect, patience, and determination to make their marriage work.


Newman said once in an interview:

People stay married because they want to, not because the doors are locked.


Their marriage was not without its troubles. Newman reportedly cheated on his wife and continued to deal with a drinking problem well into their marriage.


Woodward is 85 now and suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Their 3 daughters, Nell, 56, Melissa, 53, and Claire, 50, shield her as much as they can from the prying eyes, but Closer Weekly reports that her condition is deteriorating fast. She no longer recalls her marriage to Newman.

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