Partner-Aided Birth: Pros And Cons Of A Husband's Presence During Labor


Partner-Aided Birth: Pros And Cons Of A Husband's Presence During Labor

Partner-aided births have been a common phenomenon in the US and other European countries for a long time. Nevertheless, there are still so many myths surrounding them. Let us figure out what is actually true and what consequences partner-aided births can actually have.

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Myth 1: A man can only hinder my labor. He may even faint and I will have to take care of him

The truth is that if a man is unprepared for the labor, he really may experience panic and anxiety. In this case, his help is really questionable.

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Recommendation: Before you take your husband with you to support you during labor, make sure you enroll in seminars on partner-aided births. They are usually included in courses for pregnant women. During this course, your husband will learn a lot about the biomechanisms of labor, special massage, and breathing during labor. After the completion of these courses, you can make a joint decision about whether you want to be together at such a responsible moment.

Myth 2: My husband won’t want to be present at my labor because he is afraid of blood

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Recommendation: If you manage to convince your husband to attend courses on partner-aided births, he will learn about the three periods of labor. First come the labor contractions. This period is the longest one and may last from 2 to 24 or more hours. At this labor stage, no bleeding occurs. This is when a woman needs psychological support, care, and a close one beside her to create an atmosphere of peace and security.

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If a man cannot tolerate the sight of blood, he can leave the room during the second and third stages of labor. Very often, after being present during the contractions, a husband will make the decision to stay till the end. It’s up to you and your husband.

Myth 3: A man does not need to be present during labor, it is purely a woman’s business

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Recommendation: If it is all about being present, of course, he does not have to be there. A man performs certain functions during labor. In particular, he is supposed to monitor the woman’s breathing, perform a special massage, help her relax, etc. The support of a well-prepared man can be of great use. Besides, psychologists assert that men who help their wives during labor make better fathers and generally spend more time with their children.

Myth 4: A man that witnesses labor loses sexual attraction to his wife, which can end in a divorce

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According to the observations of psychologists, most couples who have passed through partner-aided births have stronger and longer marriages. The relationship between husband and wife is warmer and closer in these families. Partner-aided births bring the couple together and make them a team.

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Sexual problems may arise only if the husband did not attend special courses and went to the delivery room under pressure without being psychologically prepared. In this case, a man will most likely experience severe stress, which can have negative consequences on his relationship with his wife.

When spouses trust each other, they know how to negotiate and make a mutually agreeable decision. After all, the birth of a baby is an event they have been looking forward to for nine months and perhaps all their lives. Partner-aided births are an excellent way of strengthening a couple’s relationship. Women who have tried giving birth both by themselves and with their husbands state that it is so much better to share the great joy with your loved one. Nevertheless, it is up to each couple to decide.

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