Parkland Teacher Sean Simpson Left His Loaded Glock 9mm In Public Restroom


Parkland Teacher Sean Simpson Left His Loaded Glock 9mm In Public Restroom

Oh, sweet irony! A Parkland teacher who stood for arming teachers has been accused of leaving his gun in a public bathroom. This is a great example why there’s no place for guns in schools.


The Parkland tragedy

After the heartbreaking Parkland tragedy that took 17 lives, many people began protesting against gun violence and demanded stricter gun laws to prevent any shootings from happening. Although Donald Trump agreed with the movement, he certainly added fuel to the fire with his specific proposition. Trump wanted to arm teachers to provide safety at schools.


The teacher and a ridiculous story

Sean Simpson is the teacher from the exact same school where the horrible massacre happened February 14. He was willing to arm teachers, and apparently, he had already taken care of himself. Sean left his Glock 9mm in a public restroom at the Deerfield Beach Pier.

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However, when the teacher returned for his “safety tool,” a drunk homeless man, Joseph Spataro, had already obtained the weapon. Apparently, Joseph wanted to know if the gun was loaded, so the best way of finding it out that he could think of was firing at a wall.

Luckily, the ricocheted bullet didn’t harm anyone. Sean Simpson somehow managed to grab the gun away. The two were arrested, and the chemistry teacher was released on a $250 bond.

A school safety bill

The movement against gun violence accomplished to force at least a few changes regarding gun laws. Recently, Florida Governor Rick Scott signed a School Safety Bill where:

  • minimum age to buy guns is raised from 18 to 21;
  • three-day waiting period includes long guns as well as handguns;
  • bump stocks are prohibited;
  • teachers that completed law enforcement training can carry guns.


We hope this small step becomes the beginning of much bigger changes to make the whole world, not only our schools, safer.

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