Paralyzed TV Presenter Was Left Abandoned For 40 Minutes On The EasyJet Plane


Paralyzed TV Presenter Was Left Abandoned For 40 Minutes On The EasyJet Plane

For a while, the airline company EasyJet has been rather rude with passenger with disabilities. Recently, Sophia Warner, a 43-year-old track and field athlete with cerebral palsy, who represented Great Britain at the 2012 Summer Paralympics, was asked to prove her disability by the airport employee.


That’s what staff told her:

I was told “You look completely normal. Why do you need help.”

Unfortunately, almost the same story repeated: the paralyzed TV presenter was left alone in the empty EasyJet plane for 40 minutes! She couldn’t go anywhere because her wheelchair was taken away by the staff.

Sophie Morgan, who hosted the 2016 Paralympics coverage, had to sit alone for 40 minutes and nobody offered her the help. The woman was paralyzed from the chest down in a car accident.

The woman made a picture of herself sitting alone and posted it on her Twitter account.

It has happened far too often. This sort of service is almost the norm now. Incredibly rude staff made the situation even worse.

Her message on Twitter was heard, and the reaction came immediately. She got the feedback from the Gatwick Airport LGW and EasyJet. As well, many people commented her post and wrote words of support.


People with disability should be treated with respect! People are concerned about such situation and keep leaving messages.

We hope it will never continue again!

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