Overeating: These 8 Tips May Help Avoid Doing That


Overeating: These 8 Tips May Help Avoid Doing That

You may have picked up the bad habit of eating a lot and already got some additional pounds. Would you like to stop this practice? Then, you have come to the right place. Today, we are going to give you some tips that will help you stop eating too much food and gradually regain a normal weight. It does not matter if your overconsumption of food is conscious or unconscious (for example, when you watch TV, you don’t pay attention to the amount of food you eat), these tips will help you, whatever the cause.

1. Drink more water

This is a bit of advice that may seem like nothing, but it is where everything starts from. In fact, every time our body craves water, it tricks our mind to think we’re hungry. As a result, we eat too much and start to gain weight. To avoid this, the next time you’re hungry, just drink a glass of water and see what happens. If your body just needs water, the feeling of hunger will spontaneously disappear.

2. Eat small meals often

People who often eat small meals are less likely to consume a lot of food. The more you increase the frequency of your little meals, the less will be your desire to eat.

3. Eat on a small plate

It is obvious that the larger your plate, the more food you will consume. The best thing to do is to eat from a small plate, so your limit will be set in advance. And if you are worried that you will not feel full, eat your portion and wait 15 minutes before adding anything else. The feelings of hunger will pass quickly.


4. Never skip breakfast

This is a well-known fact among dieticians and nutritionists. People who skip breakfast tend to overeat throughout the day. Why? Because breakfast sets the metabolism in motion. Having a high-protein breakfast will feed your body in the morning and keep you from eating too much during the day.

5. Eat a salad before a meal

To "cheat" your stomach a little and consume less calories, eat a salad first. This will prevent you from "gorging" too much afterwards.

6. Chew more slowly

To give your body time to feel full, it is advisable to slow down when you eat. The University of Florida in Gainesville has shown that it takes 12 minutes or more for food-satisfaction signals to reach the brain of a thin person. As for obese people, you have to wait even longer, almost 20 minutes.

7. Include protein in your diet

Protein is very important if you want to eat less. With protein on your plate, you will not be hungry all the time, and your extra calories will burn faster. However, keep in mind that you should not eat more than 46 g of protein per day.

8. Treat yourself

To help you in this difficult quest, be sure to treat yourself at the end of each week. For example, if you managed a whole week without eating too much, give yourself a little treat, like ice cream (or what you like the most) on Sunday. This way your fight against overeating will be more enjoyable.

Do you have any other advice or specific methods that help you avoid overeating? We’d love to read your response in the comments section below.

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