Oprah Praises Courageous Dogs That Helped Rescue People In The California Mudslides


Oprah Praises Courageous Dogs That Helped Rescue People In The California Mudslides

Yesterday, ace TV show host and philanthropist, Oprah, shared this post on Instagram. In the post, Oprah was in the company of rescue officials and volunteers in Montecito, California. Like many other Americans, Oprah was showing support for the rescue operations.

What made this particular post special was that she thanked not only the brave men and women participating in the operation, but she also had some equally appreciative words for the adorable rescue dogs who were a big part of the rescue team.

A couple of people shared their thoughts on the post and were also very appreciative of the dogs and their work.

They are wonderful creatures! I love dogs! So helpful @swimminginmylocs

Dogs are humans best friend for this reason that they support and help us with whichever way they can. @emma_unique_24121997


My daughter Cait and her dog Redford are currently training for Wilderness Search and Rescue with California Rescue Dogs (CARDA). These dogs really are amazing and make a difference in so many lives. @amazinglucyblueheeler

Mayhem in Montecito

The California mudslides struck Montecito early Tuesday morning last week. Search and rescue operations were immediately commenced in a bid to minimize casualties. Sadly, at least 20 people have been discovered dead till date.

Several other victims are still missing and there is some hope that they may still be alive beneath the rubble. Pinit Sutthithepa, who is a 30-year-old and resident in Montecito has been found dead. The whereabouts of his 2-year-old daughter, Lydia, is still unknown.

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The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office continues to provide regular updates on the rescue operation.

The rescue teams are dedicated.

It has been a long and laborious process that has lasted a week. Search and rescue teams have been combing the entire area in search of survivors. For starters, the rescuers keep an eye out for signs of movement and also sounds from the debris.

The teams then finally get to work, carefully moving debris until they are able to locate the victim and rescue them. Survivors are then stabilized if necessary, before being evacuated to medical facilities for further treatment and observation.

This 14-year-old girl was one of the lucky survivors and had to wait six hours while the rescue team made their way to her.

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The sheriff’s office announced on Sunday night, that the search-and-rescue operation is now a search-and-recovery effort. Despite the unlikelihood that any survivors remained, there is some hope.

In disaster circumstances, there have been many miraculous stories of people lasting many days. We certainly are searching for a miracle right now.

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