One Way To Save Electricity Is To Unplug These 4 Devices


One Way To Save Electricity Is To Unplug These 4 Devices

None of us likes to pay the bills. However, we all have to. And sometimes the prices, especially for electricity, can go abnormally and unpredictably high. Why is this happening?


Saving electricity.

Partially, the reason for high power consumption is quite simple. Turned-off devices may not be shut down completely. The devices can remain in a standby mode, which means they continue consuming electricity even if you have switched them off. Although the power consumption is significantly lower in the standby mode, it exists until you disconnect the device from the power point.


4 devices you should consider unplugging.

Standby power is also called vampire power or leaking electricity. And the only way to fix the leakage is to unplug the devices you’ve turned off.

1. Notebook

If your notebook is fully charged, it is better to unplug it. Power consumption may differ depending on a model of the notebook.

2. Modem or Wi-Fi router

If you are connected to the internet, you probably have one of these. They are consuming energy all the time, even if you are not browsing your Facebook account or watching Youtube videos.

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3. Household appliances

Nowadays, toasters, blenders, microwaves aren’t consuming much in a standby mode. Typically, it is pretty pointless unplugging the devices every time.

4. TV

If you have a TV, you should definitely consider unplugging it after watching your favorite show. The device usually consumes too much of energy even when being turned off.

Try using these recommendations and tell us if you’ve noticed the difference!

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