One Early Sign This Man Is Not For You And Might Even Be A Toxic Match!


One Early Sign This Man Is Not For You And Might Even Be A Toxic Match!

Love is a beautiful thing and when it leads to a relationship, the experience is nothing short of magical. However, sometimes, a relationship can turn toxic and instead of bliss, joy, and wonderful experiences; it might lead to pain, sorrow, and a broken heart.


So, what exactly is a toxic relationship? It is a relationship that leads to emotional and sometimes, physical pain that is caused by a partner’s behavior.

How to identify a toxic partner

However, how will you know if your new partner is toxic? Firstly, if they talk about their exes a lot, then this is an early sign that they have heavy baggage from their past relationship and you should just run for your life!

While most people find love after coming out of hurtful and even damaging relationships, when you find someone who is too caught up in the past, this is a sign that they are a ticking time-bomb. And if you are not careful, you will be caught up in the explosion.


Lena Aburdene, a relationship therapist based in D.C. discusses:

when people talk badly about their exes to an unhealthy point, it means that they haven’t worked through a lot of that relationship.

This means that even when your new catch might be ‘over’ their ex if their conversations are always centered on past partners, then they might have serious underlying issues they need to handle on their own.

According to Psych2Go, one should be careful especially around people that haven’t let go of their past. This is because, if you invest all your energy into your new partner, you might be hurt as you are blinded to the fact that their heart belongs to someone else.


Other signs that your relationship might be toxic

Additional tell-tale signs that your relationship is in serious trouble include if they are constantly telling lies and always isolate you from their lives. Since a great relationship is built on honesty, if your partner keeps on lying even on the most trivial matters, you will never be truly sure of their real feelings or intentions.


Also, if your partner isolates you from their important events or social obligations, then this is a sign that they might intend to manipulate or control you. If you don’t meet or talk to their friends and family members, then it would be hard to ask for help; especially when things go south.

In the end, you need to know that you have the right to be in a healthy relationship and when you are patient and keen with whom you share your heart with, you will know what true love is. Thus, you should realize that not everyone deserves your love and since you have the right to be happy; be brave by saying no to toxic people!


Have you ever been in a toxic relationship? 

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