Not Only Excellent Actors But Kindhearted Too: 7 Celebs Who Took In Dogs From Shelters


Not Only Excellent Actors But Kindhearted Too: 7 Celebs Who Took In Dogs From Shelters



People enjoy getting pets for various reasons. Their choice depends on multiple factors: in some cases, it is the love of a particular breed, in others, it is the fulfillment of a long-standing childhood dream. Some want to become the owner of an animal with certain qualities, and some are just looking for a true friend who doesn’t betray. These people take animals from shelters, saving their lives. Surprisingly, there are a few famous actors among them.

Not Only Excellent Actors But Kindhearted Too: 7 Celebs Who Took In Dogs From Shelters' src=' Brosch /

1. Sandra Bullock, Poppy and Ruby

Both dogs have had more than their fair share of suffering. Sandra took them from an animal rescue center: Poppy had only 3 legs, and Ruby had only 2. However, it didn’t prevent them from finding a new home. Sadly, in 2018, it became known that both Sandra’s pets had passed away.

2. Ryan Reynolds and Baxter

The actor was once looking for a dog for his disabled friend. He didn’t intend to find a pet for himself. When Ryan met Baxter in one of Houston’s shelters, he couldn’t resist taking the animal home.


Публикация от Ryan Reynolds (@vancityreynolds)

3. Gerard Butler and Shushka

The actor found his friend while filming in Bulgaria. She was a stray, but this didn’t prevent her from stealing Gerard’s heart and returning with him to her new home.

4. Amanda Seyfried and Finn

The actress’ faithful dog was once also a resident of an animal shelter. Now, Amanda regularly takes him with her, in particular, to events featuring adoption of stray animals.


Публикация от Amanda Seyfried (@mingey)


Публикация от Amanda Seyfried (@mingey)

5. Charlize Theron and Tucker

Tucker is one of the eight dogs that Charlize has adopted over the years.


Публикация от Charlize Theron (@charlizeafrica)

6. Robert Pattinson and Bear

This bear-like dog got really lucky with the owner. The actor took him from a shelter in Louisiana just a day before he was scheduled to be put to sleep.


Публикация от Robert Pattison (@robertpattisonoficial)


Публикация от Robert Pattison (@robertpattisonoficial)

7. Olivia Wilde and Elvis

This cute rescue pup named Elvis appeared in Olivia’s family in 2017 and immediately became its most esteemed member. Needless to say that he was taken from a shelter?


Публикация от Olivia Wilde (@oliviawilde)

All people who decide to bring an animal into their lives choose for themselves where their pet should come from. Even if they aren’t purebred, dogs and cats from shelters are no worse than any other expensive exotic ones, which are usually acquired just for an “image,” and not because of the desire to find a true friend. Only those who have already experienced a lot are prone to such sacrificial love and devotion that so many people are struggling to receive.

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