No Reason To Look Older With These 13 Simple Fashion Tips That Can Help Every Woman Update Her Image


No Reason To Look Older With These 13 Simple Fashion Tips That Can Help Every Woman Update Her Image

A fashionable look can do real miracles with your appearance. Properly selected wardrobe can not only visually improve the figure but also make you look younger. With the help of these techniques, nobody will ever guess your real age!

1. Avoid black color

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We subconsciously perceive dark colors as more conservative. This creates an impression of restraint, stiffness, and solidity. This is not bad, actually, but the dark outfits make you look inevitably older. Gray and brown colors are reserved enough to wear them at work, but at the same time, they will make your image softer and help you look younger.

2. Add brightness


Light outfits make you look several years younger. Add bright details to your image: a necklace, a brooch, or a scarf will advantageously shade your face and make it noticeably fresh.

3. Prints and patterns

Do not abandon patterns and prints. Successfully selected ornaments will add mischief and lightness to your image. To look younger, choose smooth, motley lines. However, avoid monochrome prints in the form of geometric figures: They will give you extra rigor.

4. Spacious clothes

If you have gained a little excess weight with age, you should not try to squeeze into narrow fashionable trousers at any cost. A loose cut will give you lightness. Silk, thin and airy fabrics are fashionable this season, making you visually younger.

5. Do not be afraid to show your low neckline

If your skin in the neckline looks good enough, do not hide it under the shirts with a high collar. A neat and moderately deep neckline will look very effective and allow you to get rid of a few years.

6. High Collars

Although a deep neckline can show your figure in a favorable light, a high collar will not give you excessive stiffness. A sweatshirt or a turtleneck with a high collar will shift the accents from the middle part of your figure (which is often far from ideal) and visually lengthen your silhouette.

7. Do not be afraid of open dresses

The fact that your body does not look like it is 20 years old doesn’t mean you should avoid skirts, shorts, and uncovered shoulders until the end of your life. Forget about the uncertainty: You are not the only one with the veins on your legs or stretch marks.

8. Try the shortened options

If you are still shy about showing off your legs, take a closer look at the shortened jeans. Trousers with the high ankle look very stylish and surely will make you look younger.

9. Avoid pair suits

Pair suits, a jacket and trousers or a jacket and skirt, look very strict and stylish. However, these things inevitably make you look older. Do not abandon the business style completely. Try to create a long or asymmetric silhouette with elongated jackets, oversized clothes with straight lines without the necessity to have a “pair.”

10. Show the shoulders

They look really sexy. A moderately open and elegant blouse with open shoulders will make you 10 years younger! Try it!

11. Accessories

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Modern youth does not wear a lot of jewelry. Therefore, before leaving the house put off a pair of rings and bracelets. Accessories do not have to be expensive; the main requirement is minimalism and simplicity.

12. Experiment with shoes


With age, traveling on your high heels all day becomes more difficult, but this does not mean you should wear grandmother’s old-fashioned shoes. Low wedge footwear, for example, will make your image visually slender, allowing to cover bigger distances more conveniently. By the way, with the recent style, even the fashionable sports shoes can be ideally combined with the dresses and business suits. Stylish, comfortable and minus 10 years!

13. Do not follow all trends

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If you try too hard to do something right, it immediately catches your eye and looks unnatural. Dressing stylishly and fashionably does not mean wearing the same things as your children or even grandchildren. Therefore, try to choose more restrained clothes.

Age is not a reason to forget about fashion and stop looking after your own appearance. We hope these techniques will help you look irresistible and always keep your youth and freshness on the top.

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