Nathalie Delon Reveals The Truth About Her Marriage With Alain Delon: “Living Together Was Difficult”


Nathalie Delon Reveals The Truth About Her Marriage With Alain Delon: “Living Together Was Difficult”

Nathalie Delon, born Francine Canovas on August 1, 1941, is a French model and actress from Oujda – the capital city of the Oriental region of eastern Morocco. During the 60s, she had a reputation of one of the most beautiful women in the world.


Men were crazy about her, while women wanted to be like her. But Nathalie’s life completely changed after she met one of the most recognizable movie stars of all times – Alain Delon.

Meeting The Movie Legend

The first time Nathalie met Alain was in 1964 when she was a young woman who just came to Paris from Morocco. He was already a famous actor, loved by many. Their first encounter ended up in the toilet, as Delon drank so much, he threw up on Nathalie.


After the unfortunate mishap, the actor asked Nathalie to drive him home, and she agreed. That meaningful night was the beginning of a crazy romance. Nathalie became his lover, wife, and mother of his first child, Anthony.

Living Together

Nathalie admitted that from the first day of living together, they started fighting and yelling at each other. They both had explosive characters, which turned their quarrels into dramatic movie scenes.


In a fit of hysteria, Nathalie was unstoppable. She grabbed everything that came to hand – expensive vases, plates, antique statuettes – and threw them at her husband. In the midst of one fight, she even fired the door of their bedroom with a gun. Nathalie once described their relationship, saying:

We loved each other between laughter and furor.

Splitting Up

But it couldn’t be like that forever. In 1968, Alain meets French actress Mireille Darc and divorces Nathalie. He insisted she should keep his name and despite moving to America and starting a whole new life there, Nathalie still remains Madame Delon.


Today, Nathalie is 76, Alain is 82. In one of his interviews, he claimed:

I am a man created for the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. I was never a man for one woman.

Looking at his cheeky smile, we can say for sure, he doesn’t dissemble.

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