Mrs. Trump Has Chosen Donald Because He Looks Similar To Her Father


Mrs. Trump Has Chosen Donald Because He Looks Similar To Her Father

Donald Trump must have seen a lot of appearances similar to his, but the closest to him is perhaps his own father-in-law.


Trump’s parents-in-law

One of the first declarations made by current Mr. President was concerning illegal immigrants and the restriction of their coming to the US.


The public reacted immediately, going through everybody related to Donald. The biggest attention was devoted to his wife’s parents who seem to get into America in a dishonest way.

Viktor and Amalija Knavs origin from Slovenia and are said to take advantage of coming to the country with the help of chain migration policy immediately after Melania.

Two close and similar men in Melania’s life

The interesting fact is that Mr. Knavs and Donald Trump bear similar appearance due to their age.


They are similarly built and have quite common facial features. Concerning their style, it is also vivid that they are official personas and are obliged to wear strict suits, which makes them look even more similar to each other.


Finally, as the two men are both over 70, their haircuts look almost the same, consisting of a fair amount of gray hair.

Father-daughter relationships

According to the popular research, it is now a common knowledge that women subconsciously choose their husbands to look like their dads.


This is primarily because in child years, there is a special bond between a father and a daughter, which makes the latter look for the continuation of such relationships.

Viktor Knavs is living together with his spouse in the White House, so perhaps for Melania it is really beneficial to see two dads from time to time.


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