Moving Reason Why The Duchess Kate And Prince William Launched Heads Together Campaign


Moving Reason Why The Duchess Kate And Prince William Launched Heads Together Campaign



Prince William is fighting for the cause that is very close to his heart. Recently, the royal announced he is launching a new project, focused on mental health at a workplace and dedicated to help employers support staff with problems.

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Mental Health At Work

According to HELLO!, the Mental Health at Work project will give tools for managers from different companies, no matter the size, who struggle with providing help to their workers.

At the launch of the project, the Duke of Cambridge opened up about his own mental struggles at the time when he worked as an ambulance pilot, and how his job affected his life.

You’re just seeing all the sad things, all the pain everyday. I took a lot home without realizing it. If you see sad things every day, you think all life is like that…I think that for the medical community, particularly, it must weigh a lot on their minds.

This might be the reason why he and his wife launched their Heads Together campaign, which the Mental Health at Work project will be a part of.

Heads Together

The Royal Foundation’s Heads Together campaign was launched in 2016 by Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Prince Harry in order to raise awareness about mental health issues and get people to talk about their mental problems.

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In 2017, the royal trio released a short film, which captures them discussing of the issue. During the conversation, Prince William admits that it was Kate’s idea to start the Heads Together campaign.

At the launch of the campaign in 2016, the Duke of Cambridge explained his aim:

My thing really is to get more men talking about their issues before it is too late, and to stop feeling so strong and unable to seek help.

People reacted to the royals’ new project

Now, Prince William, Prince Harry, and Duchess Kate are joined by a new member of the royal family – Meghan Markle – and together, they will continue their work to make people’s lives better.

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