Most Awkward Presidential Marriage In The Modern Times: The Trumps Body Language Speaks Volumes


Most Awkward Presidential Marriage In The Modern Times: The Trumps Body Language Speaks Volumes

Presidential historian Douglas Brinkley called the Trumps’ marriage the most awkward in the modern history. Their body language speaks volumes every time Donald gets reject by Melania in holding her hand.


Most awkward family

It has been more than a year since Donald and Melania are the US first family. However, the number of unexplainable moments happened during this time is already much bigger than during a few last presidencies of Trump’s forerunners together. Melania rejected Trump several times when he tried to reach her hand to depict a happy family.

However, this weird behavior perhaps has its explanation – Trump’s predecessors weren’t involved in sexual scandals with the porn actress.


Expert’s opinion

Digging deeper, it is now clear: Melania and Donald have the most awkward presidential relationships in the modern American history.


Prominent historian Douglas Brinkley, who studies the US leaders inside an out, came to such conclusion a year after the Trump’s ruling:

In modern times, we haven’t had such an awkward marriage — one that seems to be, if not unraveling, it seems to be frozen. It doesn’t seem to be a very organic thing.

Numerous hand rejections serve as clear evidence of marriage problems. Even though Melania looks like everything is fine, we can only suppose what is happening inside her head:

That scene of the hand swat is a visual metaphor for a marriage that isn’t hinged right.


Watching the presidential couple together is always painful. Their smiles are just trying to hide the things happening behind the White House closed doors.


Need for wellness

Previously this year, history professor Katherine Jellison told the world why Americans might be concerned about the marriage wellness. The reason they care about the relationship inside the first family lies in direct influence on their decisions. In case there are some problems – the public gets concerned how a person who is not able to deal with his wife can correctly rule the country.


We hope Melania and Donald will soon solve all the misunderstandings between each other so that there were no questions about how successful their marriage is.


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