Mom Shares Shocking Picture Of The Moment Her Infant Daughter Fractures Leg Going Down Slide


Mom Shares Shocking Picture Of The Moment Her Infant Daughter Fractures Leg Going Down Slide

We see it all the time on any playground – moms and dads are trying to position themselves at the top of the slide with their child on their laps before sliding back to the ground. It seems like a necessary safety measure, so a child won’t get hurt, but in reality, it creates a very dangerous situation.

Playground fun turned into a disaster

Heather Clare has never thought that her seemingly safe decision can be harmful to her child. Now, the mom-of-three is warning other parents after a safety measure turned into an awful mistake – her infant daughter fractured her leg when they rode down a slide together.

Heather wanted to make her kids’ day extra special and fun, so she took then 12-month-old twins, Meadow and Matthew, to Heckscher Park in Huntington, New York to have some enjoyable time at the playground.

As many parents would do, Heather first placed Matthew on her laps and took him down a nearly 10-foot-long slide. Then, she gathered up Meadow and took her down too, but she didn’t know that something went terribly wrong when they were sliding together.

When Heather realized her daughter’s foot was caught between her and the slide, she tried to release it and her husband took a picture at that exact moment. On the photo, that now has gone viral, Heather looks smiling, unaware that her daughter’s leg is being twisted in the opposite direction.

After rushing Meadow to the hospital, the terrified mother discovered that her daughter had fractured the tibia and fibula in her right leg and has to spend next four weeks wearing a cast.

It’s more common than you’d think

Injuries like that are terrible, but they happen more common than people suspect. One study discovered that almost 14 percent of leg fractures involved toddlers riding down the slide on an adult’s lap. The doctors treat such traumas every year, but nobody openly talks about and warn parents about the consequences of sliding with their children. Do you slide with your child on your laps?

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