Mom Shares A "Cool And Fun" Child Car Seat Hack, Then Realizes She Was Horribly Wrong


Mom Shares A "Cool And Fun" Child Car Seat Hack, Then Realizes She Was Horribly Wrong



Child passenger safety rules may seem fairly simple and easy to remember. But some of these rules are not as obvious as they may seem, one mom-of-two warns other parents.

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How not to sabotage child car seat safety

Adele Barbaro, a popular blogger and a mom-of-two, was driving with her young son sleeping in his seat in the back of the car. The boy’s head kept falling forward, so the mom got creative and propped it up with her sports bra.

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Thinking it could make for a cool and fun trick to share with other moms, Adele posted the picture of her idea on Instagram. She quickly took it down, however.

In a follow-up post, the mom explained she was horribly wrong to suggest this hack, as it could be extremely unsafe.

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I did a post on the weekend when I was frustrated with my little ones head falling forward while he slept in the car. I kept turning around to pop his head back and it was making me fill ill so, I took off my sports bra and popped it across his forehead and shared what I thought was a funny and clever little mum hack. But I was wrong. DO NOT DO THIS. . I pride myself in sharing helpful and honest content but I was mortified to learn that I had shared something that was extremely unsafe, I took it straight down. . After speaking to a few people, including some paramedics and other trained professionals, I have learnt that the most important thing is that you have a car seat that is professionally installed and has its incline correct. There are a lot of devices on eBay etc that are also unsafe, so just be careful and get the right info. I have had my car seats all professionally installed buy a certified installer, on its full recline so it has made me question the car seat more than anything. . Anyway, the point of this post is that I am not perfect. I don’t always get it right, just like every mum. And although it was a funny post, I would would never share anything that I thought was unsafe for children. X

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The car seat itself should be enough to keep a child safe if it conforms to safety standards and is installed properly at the correct angle. As Adele clarified in the comments below, using extra items to keep a child’s head propped can cause serious head and neck injuries if an accident happens.

The mom’s followers praised her in the comments for owning up to her mistake and for the clarification. Here are a few comments:


Good on you for owning your post! I too, thought it was a genius idea and can’t really see how it’s less safe than letting their little heads flop forward. I don’t know that it’s the seat at fault as I’ve spoken to many mums and this is a common problem. I have the seat with the highest CREP rating out there, and still no cigar.


You go girlfriend! It takes a real genuine soul to own up and say they were wrong. But please don’t feel bad. We all know meant well. 🌻💕


Really appreciate the level of seriousness you gave this and that you shared your learnings with us all- when we know better we do better 👍🏼 Love your posts – such a candid and refreshing take on motherhood. Keep it up- you rock!!


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