Mom Of Baby Boy Who Fell Off The Bed And Sustained Serious Brain Damage Shared An Important Update On His Condition


Mom Of Baby Boy Who Fell Off The Bed And Sustained Serious Brain Damage Shared An Important Update On His Condition



Blake Linton and Paige Ferguson’s son, Colton Linton, was a happy and healthy baby boy. He was just like any other 6-month-old, but his life changed in an instant after a tragic accident.

Colton was with his parents at their friends’ place when he fell asleep. To make him more comfortable and let him snooze, Paige and Blake put their son on their friends’ queen-sized bed and placed pillows around him so he wouldn’t roll in his sleep and fall off the bed.

Colton’s parents went into the other room. Suddenly, they heard a thud. They rushed into the room Colton was in and saw him crying on the floor.

There were no signs of any serious trauma at first. Colton appeared to feel well, and there was just a bump on his head. Paige and Blake thought their son would be just fine, but took him to the hospital for evaluation anyway.

When they got to the hospital, they learned how serious Colton’s condition really was. A CT scan revealed a skull fracture and bleeding. The boy was taken to a larger hospital, where a team of 20 doctors and nurses immediately started working to save his life.

Colton’s mother was overcome with guilt. She told Babble:

I kept thinking of what his little body was going through and that this was my fault. I should have stayed home, I should have brought his Rock ‘N Play, I should have let him sleep in my arms. I was crying, hugging Blake, and pleading with him to forgive me. He kept telling me it wasn’t my fault, but I couldn’t wrap my head around it. Such a small fall and he’s hurting so bad.

The medical team working on Colton did everything they could, but they cautiously told the boy’s parents that he may not survive.

But little Colton pulled through. Even though it’s still unclear how his brain will develop, but his parents are simply grateful that their precious baby son is still with them.

Colton’s mom wants to do everything she can to warn other parents about the kind of accident that led to her son’s injury. She told Babble:

Please do not leave your baby on a bed unattended, no matter how safe you feel they are; not even for a split second. And if your child sustains a bump to the head, be safe and get them evaluated. Demand a CT. Don’t listen to old wives’ tales that tell you if they will be fine or not; let the doctors do that. Colton cried, and even smiled, but he wasn’t fine.

Paige Ferguson, the mother, has recently shared an update on Colton’s condition:

People who have been touched by Colton’s story sent their prayers and support:

We sincerely hope that Colton will get better. Sending prayers to the boy and his family!

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