Mom Did “Makeup” For Her 7-Week-Old Baby. Not Everyone Took It As A Joke!


Mom Did “Makeup” For Her 7-Week-Old Baby. Not Everyone Took It As A Joke!



When a photo of a child with makeup appears on the internet, critics start blaming the mother for such silly behavior.

Most people think that cosmetics is for adults only and that children with makeup look rather unappealing most of the times. And of course, this may be quite dangerous for their health.

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If you really want to see how your child looks with makeup, you can try using an application that you can find on the internet. Just focus the camera at the baby’s face, and you will see its image with makeup.

Easy, funny, and harmless. But it turns out that critics can hardly understand even such jokes. Insane!

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A woman made her child “makeup” using a mobile application

Fiona, known as Unicornreality at Imgur, decided to try the YouCam Makeup application on her 7-week-old son. She tried several kinds of makeup styles on the baby.


Do you wonder how the kid looked? Scroll the photo to the right!

Used a make up app on my 7 week old son….

However, some people didn’t understand it was a joke! Well, the comments were rather howling!


He is gonna hate you if these [photos] still exist when he hits puberty.


It’s never too early to ruin a child’s future. But seriously your son will put you in a home and forget you.


Don’t do that again


In 18 years, your son WILL exact vengeance.


NO NO NO NO… this is way too disturbing.

Even though the mom did nothing bad and just wanted to laugh, she still ran into a wave of criticism from people who have probably no sense of humor at all. And how do you feel about the photos? Does mother have the right to expose such mocking picture on the internet? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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