Melania Trump Shares A Special Bond With Her Sweet Son Barron


Melania Trump Shares A Special Bond With Her Sweet Son Barron

What does it feel like when your dad is a president of the United States and your mother is a first lady? Young Barron Trump definitely knows an answer to this question.


Special bond between Melania and Barron

We all know that Melania Trump is a big fan of sharing her family photos on social media. But unlike most famous mums, the First Lady of the United States is not fond of posting the pictures with her son Barron.


In fact, it’s a unique opportunity for us to see young Barron Trump in public, because he rarely attends any social events with his parents. Melania has a certain reason for that. She just wants to keep her boy away from the public, so that he can have a normal childhood.

I want to give my son an opportunity to grow up normally, without all the razzmatazz that comes with being the son of the sitting president.

The First Lady says she enjoys spending time with Barron like ordinary mother and son.

Sometimes, I just want to relax from a busy everyday routine and spend some precious moments together with my son Barron.


Although Barron prefers to stay away from the public eyes, there are some interesting facts which we managed to find out about young Trump.

Interesting facts about Barron Trump

1. It may sound weird but Barron Trump is the first son in the White House for the last 50 years. All the children who actually lived there since John F. Kennedy Jr., have been daughters.


2. His nickname is “little Donald.” In fact, only close family members call him in such way.

3. He decorated his own room in the Manhattan penthouse.


4. Barron has interest in vehicle designs. Melania says his room is full of toys, like helicopters, airplanes, and cars.

5. He has been on Oprah’s Show twice. Once, when he was a newborn; and for the second time, it was in 2011, when he appeared with the entire family.


6. He likes when his mother cooks for him. Despite her busy schedule, the First Lady does not neglect her responsibilities of being a good mother. She often cooks Barron’s meals and packs his lunches for school.


It seems like Barron Trump lives his life as an ordinary child. It’s great when famous kids and parents can forget about the paparazzi and just have some fun together.

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