Melania Trump Radiantly Smiles With Barack Obama At Barbara Bush’s Funeral


Melania Trump Radiantly Smiles With Barack Obama At Barbara Bush’s Funeral

On Saturday, April 21, more than a thousand guests attended the funeral of Barbara Bush. The wife and the mother of two US presidents passed away on April 17 at 92.

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Among the mourners in attendance, you could spot First Lady Melania Trump, the former presidential couple Barack and Michelle Obama, and former POTUS Bill Clinton. His wife – the 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton – also attended the ceremony.


Melania arrived without her husband who decided to stay at Mar-o-Lago instead. The 45th president tweeted condolences to the Bush family. But he thought it would be better for him not to attend to ‘avoid disruptions due to added security.’


However, as the Internet users noticed, it looks like the First Lady felt comfortable without her husband. In the video and photos of the procession, one can see that Melania took seat next to Michelle and Barack Obama.


And while it seems she shared a lighthearted moment with the 44th president, she didn’t pay attention to another presidential couple since the Clintons sat the furthest away.


While Bill and Hillary were reading the service program, Melania appeared to say something pleasant or comical to Barack. In his turn, he chuckled and added his own comment, making the First Lady beam.

It’s no wonder this moment went viral, stirred a lot of discussion on the Internet. Twitter users concluded that Melania looked happy for the first time in a while. And many added that it was probably because her husband was not in attendance, and she could relax.

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And since Barack is known for his charisma and great sense of humor, we wonder what did the former president say to the First Lady?

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