Melania Trump Opens Up About Her Christmas Vacation With President And Shares Her ‘Santa’ Selfie


Melania Trump Opens Up About Her Christmas Vacation With President And Shares Her ‘Santa’ Selfie

Donald and Melania Trump know how to spend quality time on holidays and embrace Christmas spirit. First Lady shared a cute photo of herself in an adorable Santa hat with best wishes to everyone. If you are intrigued to see Melania playing Santa and find out some interesting details from their vacation to Mar-a-Lago, then just keep reading the article.

Melania Trump wishes everyone Merry Christmas

Trump family decided to spend this Christmas at their Florida retreat in Mar-a-Lago. In fact, Melania called this residence their “Winter White House.”

Melania and Donald share very heartwarming memories of this place. They were married at the Palm Beach church and every time they come there, Trumps never lose a chance to attend this church.

Melania arranged a huge celebration for the closest relatives and family friends. Her traditional festive dinner includes turkey cornbread, mashed potatoes and turkey gravy, seafood, and of course, the most delicious desserts.

Recently, she also shared a cute picture that showed her making Christmas calls with the president according to their ‘annual tradition’.

Earlier this day, First Lady posted a very lovely tweet with a picture of herself wearing a Santa hat. Melania congratulated everyone and wished Merry Christmas:

Looking forward to helping kids track Santa today with @NoradSanta! Wishing everyone a very Merry #Christmas Eve!

It seems Melania is a true fan of Christmas season. Let’s follow her advice and wish our families and friends Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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