Meghan Markle’s Make-Up Artist Talks About Relations With Prince Harry: “What Is Going On? I Didn’t Know!”


Meghan Markle’s Make-Up Artist Talks About Relations With Prince Harry: “What Is Going On? I Didn’t Know!”

It is not a secret that it is necessary to make some efforts to stay beautiful. The gorgeous Meghan Markle has own make-up artist, Daniel Martin, who is also her good friend, and sometimes, they still get together for coffee or tea.

Meghan Markle and Daniel Martin met each other in 2011, and worked together on various events. By the way, he regularly posted articles on Meghan Markle’s blog, The Tig, sharing his make-up and beauty tips.

Daniel opens up about Meghan and Harry

During one of the interviews, the Duchess of Sussex’s make-up artist revealed the way he found out Meghan was dating a member of the royal family.

For quite a long time, this fact was kept secret, so Daniel found out about his friend’s relations from the local newspapers while being in Greece.

She’s always working—she always has something to do. We started working on The Tig together and it was fun and growing… and then one day I looked up and she was dating a prince! I was in Greece at the time, and my husband was like, ‘Your friend is on the paper.’ She was literally on the front page of every newspaper in Greece, but everything was in Greek, so I was like, ‘What is going on?’ I didn’t know!

By the way, it was reported that Daniel Martin has recently visited the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex at their new home after they moved into renovated Frogmore Cottage at Windsor Castle.

Astrologer talks about Prince Harry

Recently, Princess Diana’s astrologer Debbie Frank has claimed that Prince Harry would do anything for his wife Meghan Markle and is more like a royal servant.

Harry is a Virgo, and they love to do things for other people. They actually make quite a good couple in a way, it is earth and fire. He is a bit more like the royal servant, even though he is the royal prince.

Meghan Markle’s make-up artist Daniel Martin opened up about the Duchess of Sussex and her relations with Prince Harry.

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