Meghan's Power! It Is Actually Kate Middleton Who Quietly Tries To Become More And More Like Her Sister-In-Law


Meghan's Power! It Is Actually Kate Middleton Who Quietly Tries To Become More And More Like Her Sister-In-Law

Some things will never change — Duchess Catherine and Duchess Meghan will always be compared in all possible aspects of life.

Who is more beautiful? Who is closer to the Queen? Who behaves much better? Who looks more like a royal? All these questions are just a tiny part of the comparison between Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle.

While people think it is Meghan Markle who tries to copy Kate Middleton, things are totally opposite. The royal expert Camilla Tominey once claimed that public speaking is Markle’s strongest side and it is a "queen-like" quality Kate Middleton needs to work on as the future Queen Consort.

#1 Kate Middleton has gotten more outspoken

People noticed that Duchess Catherine has become more bold and confident in her PR moves and A-list speeches. Due to Meghan Markle’s determination and slight violation of the royal protocol may have inspired Kate to be a little rebel herself. Hence, royal fans noticed the mother-of-three has transformed into a capable version of her own self.

#2 Meghan Markle has taken some pressure off from Kate Middleton

Before Prince Harry married Meghan Markle, all the spotlight was fixed on Prince William’s wife. However, now this pressure is divided between two royal women. It is believed that having another female on the scene has given Duchess Catherine a reprieve from getting so much of the media attention.

#3 Kate Middleton’s style is evolving

The Duchess of Cambridge has always been a style icon for many girls and this wave was even called "Kate’s effect." Nevertheless, Meghan Markle’s fashion has definitely inspired Middleton to dress up to the nines every single time. Perhaps, that’s why the 37-year-old is now trying to add some more flair to her ravishing look.

Furthermore, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle were rumored to have a long-term feud. Thank God these dirty gossips were put to the bed when the two appeared at Wimbledon’s tennis match together.

Duchess Cambridge is believed to have used amazing PR moves to reconcile with her sister-in-law, including patting her back, mirroring each other, comforting, and laughing out loud.

Well, we do believe they are more sisters than what we see on social media!

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