Mark Harmon Is Incredibly 'Proud To Be Married' To His Beautiful Wife Of 31 Years Pam Dawber


Mark Harmon Is Incredibly 'Proud To Be Married' To His Beautiful Wife Of 31 Years Pam Dawber

Even though many Hollywood couples get divorced, Mark Harmon and his wife of 31 years, Pam Dawber, managed to remain close as at the first years. The couple’s key to healthy marriage is to fly under the radar so that annoying paparazzi and media don’t bother them with multiple questions and allegations. 

We won’t lie – everyone wants love. And those people who claim they are better off being single –  don’t believe them 100%. Sooner or later, true love knocks their doors, and they are more than happy to open it with open arms. 

"I’m proud to be married to her"

Keeping a low-key relationship is hard work, and the beautiful couple has been succeeding so far. However, there are moments when you want to share everything to the world, and thank God, Mark Harmon showed his precious side of the heart. 

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The NCIS‘s star adorably gushes over his sweetheart as he shares what makes their marriage strong – maturity. Since both got hitched at their 30’s, they had a more mature personality and worldview for the family. 

Asked about the distinctive ring – in the shape of an eagle head – on his wedding finger, he explains, “We think it was my grandfather’s because it was in a box of things that my dad left.”

But he’s so proud of being married to Pam:

I’m proud to be married, and I’m proud of who I’m married to. I’m just so proud of her.

Aww, aren’t they adorable together? Hopefully, more years of marriage are on the way!

The kinship

The A-list actor is not only a devoted husband but also a doting father to his 2 sons: Sean Thomas Harmon and Ty Christian Harmon. Even though they all keep their lives under the wrap, you’ve probably seen Sean as a young Leroy Gibbs in five NCIS episodes. 

Do you like Mark Harmon? If yes, what do you find the best in his personality? 

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