Man Who Killed 13-Year-Old Boy In A Car Crash Was Sentenced To 18 Months In Jail


Man Who Killed 13-Year-Old Boy In A Car Crash Was Sentenced To 18 Months In Jail

 A businessman who killed a 13-year-boy in a car crash has been found guilty and sentenced to 18 months in jail.


‘It will not bring my boy back’

On August 22, 2016, Alexander Worth, 13, died in a car accident after he had asked for a picture with a gorgeous Ferrari. The car’s owner, a businessman Matthew Cobden, instead offered the boy to join him for a quick drive.

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Of course, Alexander was extremely happy to drive in F50, and his parents, who were delivering a car battery to Cobden, gave their permission. If they just could know that a few minutes later, Cobden will crash on the farm’s narrow track, and their son will die of the fatal injuries, they would never let him sit in that devil car.

807 News / YouTube

807 News / YouTube

The boy’s mom had rushed to the scene and found her son dying, as Cobden said: “I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry.”

In the course of the investigation, Cobden had denied causing death by careless driving. However, he didn’t ask Alexander to put his seatbelt on. Today, the businessman was convicted by the court to 18 months in jail. Judge Keith Cutler explained that Cobden decided to put his foot down while driving in order to impress the little boy.

 You were showing off, that is the explanation for the accident and its consequences.

The judge added that any his decision cannot perfectly compensate that tragic loss.

Nothing that this court can do can bring Alexander back to his mother and father and his family.

In his turn, Cobden said he feels very sorry for the family. The hardest thing for him is dealing with the child’s death. The businessman has no criminal past and says this tragedy is a harsh blow for him, and he is ready to accept the punishment.

After the verdict, Alexander’s family made an announcement:

 The outcome of this trial will not bring Alexander back.

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The boy’s family also asked for privacy with respect to their tragic loss. And we ask all adults, please, do not forget to put a seatbelt on when it comes to the safety of your children.

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