Man Sings Elvis' Song With 5-Year-Old Girl With Down Syndrome And Their Duo Melts Hearts Of Internet Users


Man Sings Elvis' Song With 5-Year-Old Girl With Down Syndrome And Their Duo Melts Hearts Of Internet Users

Several genetic variations affect humans, but the most common is Down Syndrome. According to reports, Down Syndrome occurs in one out of every 691 live births.

Down Syndrome results from an extra 21st chromosome, and there’s no limit to who it can affect.

People who are born with Down syndrome go through late cognitive, language, and physical growth.

A much-needed breakthrough

When Tabatha and Micheal put in for the ongoing YouTube competition, World’s Greatest Videos™, they had no idea that it would garner them much attention.

Tabatha had been fighting chronic cancer for a long time and her daughter, Lyric Kolodejcak, has Down Syndrome.

The family definitely needed a break, and Michael seized the opportunity to submit a heartwarming video called, Down Syndrome ABILITIES" to World’s Greatest Videos™.

Fortunately, the video soon went viral gaining over five million views. In the viral clip, Michael and Lyric sang to the legendary song by Elvis, ‘I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You.’

As a result of the heartfelt video, the family won the $3,000 prize promised. Now, Michael can use the money to take better care of his family. He said:

"As you might imagine, Tabatha’s medical bills are extensive; and, as musicians, we try to live modestly. So, winning this $3,000 will allow us to do some fun things together. Every day is a precious gift."

However, the $3,000 prize money isn’t where it stops!

As the online contest commences, Tabatha, Micheal, and Lyric are likely to win $1 million! How awesome would that be!

People’s comments

Facebook friends of the family rejoiced with the family:

James Fulmer Jr congratulated:

"5 million views?!? Are you kidding me?! I love it, Michael! Congrats on the focus of "abilities" instead of the "dis"! I #DisTheDis.”

Patricia Cody-Marvin supported:

"Oh, my Cuteness… so honored to know you this is incredibly amazing."

Diana Reimer Tebaldi wrote:

"Fantastic, Michael!! Here’s to hoping you win!!"

Peggy A. Saunders commended:

"Oh Michael – so so sweet and definitely deserved – you’re the best! Good luck!"

It is amazing to see how well things turned out for Michael and his family. Hopefully, it will only get better from here!

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