Man, 83, And Woman, 78, Are Getting Remarried 50 Years After Their Divorce


Man, 83, And Woman, 78, Are Getting Remarried 50 Years After Their Divorce

Love can be very unpredictable. They say we should follow our heart, but we never can tell where it may lead us to. And that was the case with this couple who thought they were done with each other.

Harold and Lillian

83-year-old Harold Holland and 78-year-old Lillian Barnes are giving marriage another shot as they plan to exchange wedding vows on April 14. The pair wed for the first time on December 24, 1955.

They got divorced a few years later, after having five children together. Harold revealed that part of the things that strained their marriage was the fact that his job kept him away from home a lot.

Both Harold and Lillian went on to marry other people; however, their respective spouses passed away in 2015.

After being apart for more than five decades, the pair met at a family reunion in December, and it seemed like no time had passed. It did not take long for their flame to be reignited, and they soon began talking about getting married.

Harold, who spoke to The Lexington Herald-Leader, said he and his wife-to-be very much plan to "walk the last mile together." When asked how long his marriage will last this time around, he simply replied, "until the end."


Harold also took responsibility for their split many years ago. But over the years, they have been focused on caring for their children and grandchildren.

A heartwarming reunion

Many people took to social media to share their reactions to this heartwarming tale. It really is one of those stories which remind you that you’re never too old to find love and be happy.

This couple decided to forgive each other and reunite, after many years. And they will now be spending the rest of their days together. It is pretty inspiring!

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