Love That Lasts Forever: Man, 70, Who Lost His Wife To Cancer Brings Her Framed Photo To Look At Sea Every Day


Love That Lasts Forever: Man, 70, Who Lost His Wife To Cancer Brings Her Framed Photo To Look At Sea Every Day

When there is almost no hope left for the good in the world, there are always those who will instill the belief in eternal love and prove it does exist.

One day Giorgio noticed an old man at the beach

Giorgio Moffa is 54 and he is the owner of a pizzeria at a small beach in Gaeta, Italy. When being at work he noticed one strange thing. An elderly man kept coming to the same place at the beach with a framed photo and sat there for a while.

It appeared it was a photo of his wife who died 7 years ago of cancer. The widower, Giuseppe Giordano, 70, had been taking the photo of his beloved Ida to look at the sea.

Interview with Giorgio Moffa

Giorgio Moffa, the man who noticed Giorgiano at the sea, knew well what he was living through as Moffa lost two of his brothers and a baby himself. He understood the man was devastated with his loss. Here’s what Moffa said according to the Sun:

Jne Valokuvaus /

I saw him, and I was sure there was a great love story. Men like him do not exist anymore.

I think that everyone in this world has at some point, lost someone special to them.

So each of us has these moments of grief, it’s just that Giuseppe had the great courage and dignity to show it.


People’s comments

When reading this story, tears well up in the eyes, it’s hard to imagine the grief and the pain of this man. People who read his story were more than supportive of him. They sent him their best wishes and blessings as well as lots of support. Here’re some of the comments:


Here’s the translation of the above Facebook comment: 

That’s true love. Someone, an old man, who also lost his wife told me: I love her forever since I saw her there was no one like it. There are those who want, get used to it and think that’s love. But others love and no one occupies life or after that place.


True love exists and this man proves that. His terrible loss made him feel sad, but he has managed to withstand the test of time and keeps loving his deceased wife no matter what.

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