Liza Minelli Says Her Mom Judy Garland "Would've Laughed" While Watching Lady Gaga's Performance In "A Star Is Born"


Liza Minelli Says Her Mom Judy Garland "Would've Laughed" While Watching Lady Gaga's Performance In "A Star Is Born"

The sensation of the 1950’s Judy Garland is one of the pioneer actresses of Hollywood. She was blessed with a voice that was as melodious as a nightingale. Setting her as a standard, her daughter is giving us an idea of how she would’ve liked the revised version of her iconic acting.

Judy Garland was internationally recognized as an iconic actress. She excelled in both musical and dramatic roles. Other than that the diva also earned stardom as a recording artist and a performer in concerts.

In 1954, she played the role of Vicki Lester in A Star Is Born opposite James Mason. Her raw emotions took the film unimaginable heights. Decades later, audiences are still captivated.

Did Lady Gaga act up to her legacy?

The movie was remade in 2018, starring the most pronounced singer of our time, Lady Gaga, alongside actor and director, Bradley Cooper. They were highly applauded for their incredible work. But, would the original actress have liked it too?

ET Magazine inquired about it from Judy’s daughter, Liza Minnelli. She told what exactly her mother would have said about the pop star’s performance in the latest rendition if she was still alive today.

Liza explained that her mom would’ve been amused and would’ve eventually approved it. She remarked:

She would have laughed and then she would have gotten into it. I can hear her saying, ‘OK, let’s go!’". "Great to the end!"

Judy left us too soon 

It is so devastating that we cannot hear Judy’s comments by herself. The legendary star had died untimely from an accidental overdose of barbiturates at the age of 47. She is remembered for her excellence.

Do think Lady Gaga has left the same mark of greatness as Judy Garland? After all, she has perfectly mimicked the late actress’ persona. Through her, we were able to see Judy again.

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