Lisa Wells Has Been Diagnosed With Incurable Cancer But Is Optimistic For Her Daughters


Lisa Wells Has Been Diagnosed With Incurable Cancer But Is Optimistic For Her Daughters

In October 2017, Lisa Wells welcomed her new baby girl, Saffia. This was to be her second child, joining big sister Ava-Lily, who is now five. But her joy was short-lived. Wells was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel and liver cancer.

Wells is just 31, but doctors say she has between 2 and 12 months left to leave as the cancer is inoperable. Still, she remains optimistic about life. She was recently conferred with the inaugural Star Mum Award by HELLO! for her tenacity.

Leaving a legacy for her daughters

Despite the dire diagnosis, Wells decided that her daughters will not miss out on important milestones like academic successes or their weddings, even after she is gone.

So, she got together friends and supporters to start #LisasArmyUK. Their support will ensure that Wells’ daughters are well provided for.

On Mother’s Day, #LisasArmyUK took off on a 12-mile March On Cancer. The aim was to raise money for Wells’ girls’ upkeep.

In addition, funds raised were to be donated to the Dorothy House Hospice, near Bath. The facility provides care for patients needing end-of-life support.

After the march, Wells was super excited at the outpouring of love. She said:

It has been an overwhelming time, seeing all the support and messages that we have received.

Wells did not hold back telling her little daughter about her cancer diagnosis. According to her, Ava-Lily despite her age is pretty wise. She doesn’t keep secrets from her.

More to come

Lisa is also planning another gig with #LisasArmyUK in April. She has already come to terms with the reality that she may not be around her daughters for much longer.

But she will do her best to make sure they are happy.

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