Kyle MacLachlan Looks Incredible In His Fashionable Photoshoot For GQ Magazine


Kyle MacLachlan Looks Incredible In His Fashionable Photoshoot For GQ Magazine

Kyle MacLachlan is 58 but is more handsome than ever. In his GQ photoshoot, Kyle is basically emanating style and elegance. The famous actor is simply stunning.

Life and Career

Kyle was born and raised in the state of Washington where he graduated cum laude in drama from the University of Washington. His first movie was David Lynch’s Dune in 1984; however, his real breakthrough came in the role of Dale Cooper in David Lynch’s Twin Peaks in 1991.


Since then, MacLachlan has become a television star with roles in various popular TV shows. He had major roles in shows, such as the Sex and the City, Desperate Housewives, How I Met Your Mother, etc.

Golden Globe Nomination 

He won his first one in 1991 for in the category of Best Actor – Television Series Drama for Twin Peaks. 


Two years ago, David Lynch called up Kyle Maclachlan with the idea of going back to the success of Twin Peaks. Kyle accepted to replay the role of Dale Cooper, and the wheels were set in motion. The show, titled Twin Peaks: The Return, premiered in May 2017 and instantly became a huge success. Again, Maclachlan’s splendid acting earned him a nomination for the Golden Globe. The 75th Golden Globe Awards will be held on the 7th of January, 2018. We hope Kyle gets his well-deserved second Golden Globe Award.


GQ Photoshoot

With the recent success of his TV show, Maclachlan has returned to being one of America’s most famous actors. He wears his popularity, as well as his years, easily as he does the suits in the latest GQ photoshoot. The actor’s charm and charisma radiate confidence with a bit of mystique.

The people at the GQ magazine made sure that everything was perfect for the photoshoot. The star looks impeccable, and suits are simply ravishing. Furthermore, they chose to honor the Golden Globe nominee by doing the photoshoot inside the best building of 2017. The late Zaha Hadid’s masterpiece on Manhattan looks modern and like it was made for Kyle Maclachlan.

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