Kirsten Dunst And Jesse Plemons Are Expecting Their First Child


Kirsten Dunst And Jesse Plemons Are Expecting Their First Child

Kirsten Dunst and her fiancé and co-star, Jesse Plemons, have one more great reason to be thankful for this Christmas. The couple is expecting their first child and shares their thoughts on parenting and kids.


Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons

Spiderman’s girlfriend and her fiance, Jesse Plemons, first met while filming Fargo. The pair played husband and wife, and their onscreen chemistry developed so quickly that in a certain moment, Kirsten and Jesse understood it was not just in the script anymore.

Dunst and Plemons began dating in real life. When not so long time ago, Kirsten appeared at the Golden Globe Awards wearing an engagement ring, it became quite obvious that their relationship reached a new level. In one of her interviews earlier this year, Dunst revealed:

It’s time to have babies and chill.

Допис, поширений Kirsten Dunst (@kirstendunst)

In fact, Kirsten confessed she never was one of those ladies “I need a baby!” But when she found her true love, a person whom she can always count on, the actress made a life-changing decision that she’s ready for kids.


Today, Kirsten looks very happy with her cute tummy. Dunst and Plemons get ready to welcome their first baby, and at the same time, they plan a future wedding. The actress said she is “not in a rush” because she wants everything to be just perfect.


Kirsten and Jesse are very romantic couple. They make each other happy, and their future child will just strengthen that special bond between them.

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