Kate Middleton Is Not Allowed To Wear Colored Nail Polish. Some Other Royal Fashion Etiquette Rules That She Should Follow


Kate Middleton Is Not Allowed To Wear Colored Nail Polish. Some Other Royal Fashion Etiquette Rules That She Should Follow



It’s safe to assume that one might have to make a few sacrifices when they become royalty. This makes sense as kings and queens are expected to uphold values of morality and decency. There are some etiquette rules that one has to follow, and some of these expectations are upheld through centuries.


Take the British monarchy, for instance, even though a lot has changed since the old days, you will still notice a few rules that remain standing to this day. And one of them is the discouragement of using colorful nail polish by the ladies in the royal family.


According to a few sources, one of the royal etiquette rules is that noble women should choose clear, simple nail polish over those of flashy colors. Fake nails are also not encouraged.


Kate Middleton has often been spotted wearing clear colors on her nails, and Meghan Markle, Prince Harry’s girlfriend, has also received the memo. When she was spotted with her man during the Invictus Games recently, she also kept her nails clean and clear.


So, what other fashion rules are present in the British monarchy? Well, BBC has uncovered a few of them, and they might surprise you.

The Hat

A senior tutor for The English Manner Etiquette Consultancy, Diana Mather, told BBC that the women in the royal household are actually required to wear a hat during social events. Once upon a time, these accessories were usually worn by the women all the time, but things have changed since the 1950s. Now, it’s okay to wear hats just for formal occasions.

Casual Outfits

You have probably noticed that even when Kate Middleton and Prince William are hanging out in a casual setting, they still look like they are dressed to the nines. Well, this is no coincidence. There is a casual dress code the royal family adheres to. The ladies are expected to wear a smart day dress or trousers paired with a jacket/cardigan, while the men can wear a blazer with a collared shirt.


The Tiara

Evidently, unless you are a married member of the royal family, you should not be wearing a tiara. Etiquette expert, Grant Harold, who is more popularly known as The Royal Butler, said that, "for married ladies, it was a sign of status and would show you were taken and not looking for a husband."

Prince George’s Shorts

Harold also explained why we often see Prince George dressed in smart shorts. It turns out that regardless of your age, you are not exempted from following the rules. Princes and princesses are expected to be formally dressed in public.


Now, as we all know, things change as time passes, so it is safe to assume that all these strict dress codes are not always followed to the letter. And it turns out that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have broken quite a few of them.

The fact that the pair even met and married at all was a breach in the usual protocol as most royal family members usually marry due to political strategy or gain. However, these two dated and married for love.

Also, speaking of fashion, Kate Middleton often favored items that she felt comfortable in as opposed to designer dresses, which are allowed. It turns out that the Duchess is not afraid to break the rules. In fact, she justly defied the Queen who told her not to wear wedges. Well, Kate loves them, and clearly, it’s all that matters.

Breaking the traditional status quo is what the society is now all about, and we can imagine that decades from now, the British royal family will very likely not look the same.

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