Kate Middleton Cut Her Hair, And Donated Her Locks To A Charity Fund


Kate Middleton Cut Her Hair, And Donated Her Locks To A Charity Fund

It has become known that the Duchess of Cambridge donated some of her hair to a children’s charity fund which is engaged in creating wigs for young patients who have undergone chemotherapy.


According to the Daily Express and a royal source, on the advice of her hairdresser, Joey Wheeler, Kate decided to make her hair shorter. As a result, she cut off about seven inches of hair which was donated to Little Princess Trust, a children’s charity cancer fund. On that day, the Duchess of Cambridge appeared in public with a short haircut, while her locks were sent to the charity organization.

Публикация от Kensington Palace (@kensingtonroyal)

The royal source said:

The parcel was sent under someone else’s name, so the fund did not know it was from the Duchess.

Helen Creese, a representative of Little Princess Trust, commented on Kate’s generous gift and noted that it was a real surprise for her. She expressed her gratitude to the Duchess of Cambridge.


We should admit that Kate’s noble act deserves admiration and respect. Now every little girl who has, unfortunately, had to lose her hair and get a wig from a charity organization will believe she has the locks of a real princess!

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