Justin Timberlake Surprises Ellen DeGeneres On Her 60th Birthday


Justin Timberlake Surprises Ellen DeGeneres On Her 60th Birthday

When people hear that Ellen DeGeneres is 60, they just can’t believe it. The host of her own talk show has just celebrated it on January 26. And when we look at her, it’s hard to say it’s her real age. This woman is always so joyful and full of life, and in addition to that, she looks just stunning!

People adore her for her perfect sense of humor, ability to cheer up when it’s necessary, as well as skill to be serious and sympathetic at the same time. All those rare qualities are combined in one person, and that’s not mentioning her young look and beauty once again.


Timberlake’s surprise

It goes without saying that lots of famous people, politics, and celebrities came to say hello and wish Ellen all the best on her birthday. But Justin Timberlake was by far one of the most original. It took him some time and imagination to prepare a decent surprise for Ellen and make it right when she was on the air.

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Just watch how thrilled she was to see him!


If 60 means getting surprised by @JustinTimberlake, count me in.

Допис, поширений Ellen (@theellenshow)

Do they both have a surprise tradition?

It seems it wasn’t the first time Ellen and Justin make friendly fun of one another. From time to time, they tend to shock one another with some fun surprises.

Once, Ellen called Justin from Jessica Biel’s cell phone when they were doing her show together. The next time he appeared unannounced on her show with Jennifer Aniston. And Ellen seemed to be pretty thrilled about such surprises.

Let’s hope she’ll have more fun and surprises like these in the future!

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