Judge Judy Sheindlin Opened Up What Kind Of Grandma She Is For Her 13 Grandchildren: “I Spoil Them”


Judge Judy Sheindlin Opened Up What Kind Of Grandma She Is For Her 13 Grandchildren: “I Spoil Them”



Judge Judy Sheindlin is a veteran of reality TV. America’s favorite judge is strict and objective during the court hearings, but in real life, she is quite different.

Judge Judy opened up about what kind of grandmother she is for her 13 grandchildren.

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Best grandma

Judy Sheindlin has become a TV star since her court show premiered back in 1996. Today, we can’t imagine her working anywhere but in the courtroom.

Judge Judy has an image of an ‘iron lady’ while she adjudicates various claim disputes in the court. But who is she behind the courtroom doors?


Sheindlin has a big family. She has 5 children and 13 grandkids. When Judy was a child herself, she already knew she would become a lawyer when she grew up. As a little girl, she had her life goal and moved strictly forward to it.

But with her own grandchildren, Sheindlin is rather soft and supportive. In an interview with ET, America’s favorite judge explained:

I spoil them. I’m trying to think of how I don’t, but the answer is I do.


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Judy recalled her parenting routine while raising 5 children. The star explained that working parents bring a certain amount of guilt to their relationship with kids. But she was lucky because her children understood that their busy mommy had to work.

Her first children’s book

Judy Sheindlin is not just a successful judge but a talented author. Her first children’s book, Win or Lose by How You Choose, she devoted to helping kids and their parents.

In her book, Judy highlights questions designed to encourage discussion between a parent and a child concerning decision-making and distinguishing of what is right from wrong.

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Judy Sheindlin is a popular figure on American television, but for her family, she is simply a loving mother and caring grandma.

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