Johanna Lindsey, Celebrated Author And Novelist, Dies At 67


Johanna Lindsey, Celebrated Author And Novelist, Dies At 67

The literary world has lost one of its biggest gems as it has been reported that Johanna Lindsey has passed away.

Who was Johanna?

Right from the moment Johanna Lindsey, author and prolific novelist made her writing debut with the book Captive Bride in 1977, she grabbed the attention of thousands of readers. According to PeoplePill, she chose to publish the novel "on a whim" and it ended up being a huge success.

Following this breakout piece, Lindsey wrote several other novels and by 2006, she sold over 58 million copies of her books, some of which were translated to 12 languages. Among the genres she was popularly known for were Sci-fi and historical romances. All of her creations made the New York Times bestseller list.

Johanna Lindsey’s death

The New York Times has confirmed the passing of Johanna. She was 67 years old.

The outlet revealed that she passed away on October 27, 2019, due to complications from her cancer treatments. She was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer.

It was reported that the news is only now being made public because her family was too devastated to announce it earlier.

Many people had great things to say about the writer including fellow novelist Sarah MacLean. In a statement to EW following Johanna’s death, Sarah described the late writer as one of the "powerful voices" in the romance literature genre.

As the women’s movement revolutionized homes and workplaces in the late ’80s and early ’90s, Johanna’s strong, feminist heroines were revolutionaries in their own right — fighting for partnership, respect, and happily ever after. These were heroines who captained their own fate…they lived fearlessly, fought passionately, and loved with abandon…and they inspired millions of us to do the same.

Johanna talks about her works

The novelist had always taken pride in her accomplishments. She once revealed, in an interview, that her greatest achievement was that all her books made the New York Times list.

And in response to what books she would happily read over and over again, she said:

I like to reread my own books. A few can make me cry again, and most of them can make me laugh again.

She also revealed some more facts about herself including:

  • Her greatest fear: " Loss of loved ones."
  • Her best quality: "My will-power."
  • Her most obvious trait: "My sense of humor."
  • Her favorite food: "I’m going to say pizza."

She will be missed

Many fans have taken to social media to express their heartbreak over Johanna’s death.

This incredibly skilled writer created an impressive career based on her ability to craft words that drew her readers’ emotions. Over the years, she created several fictional characters including heroes we adored and villains we loved to hate.

It’s heartbreaking that her life was cut short in such a devastating way. But she did create works of art that will live on long after her death. RIP, Johanna.

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