Jennifer Lawrence Gives Her BFF Kris Jenner A Hilarious Christmas Gift


Jennifer Lawrence Gives Her BFF Kris Jenner A Hilarious Christmas Gift

Jennifer Lawrence has long been friends with Kris Jenner, and as we know, all friends love to give gifts to each other. This Christmas, the Oscar-winning actress got 62-year-old Jenner quite an unusual present.

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Porsche for Christmas

Earlier, Jennifer asked the mother of six what she would like for Christmas. And Jenner did not even think about it long, she immediately answered that she wanted Porsche! In turn, the actress fulfilled her friend’s wish and really gave her a luxury car for Christmas. Well, sort of…

My BFF #Jenniferlawrence asked me what i wanted for Christmas and of course I said a Porsche, DUH. My girl didn’t disappoint. Thank you Jen I love you!!! #bffsforever #christmassurprise #jlaw #soexcited

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It turned out to be a toy. Kris immediately published a photo of a Christmas present on her Instagram, saying that Lawrence indeed had not disappointed her. Although it’s not an actual Porsche, it’s an incredible surprise and nice gift anyway! It fits perfectly next to KarJenner momager’s big red polar bear.

And since this little white car is designed for kids, it will be perfect for Jenner’s six grandchildren! There are also three more babies on the way next year, and The Hunger Games star will for sure be sending presents when they arrive too.

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Age gap friendship

Despite the fact that there is an age gap of 35 years between the two, they often meet and chat. The actress is a big fan of both Kris and her entire family. In fact, Jennifer is obsessed with Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Lawrence even admitted that while she was filming pretty dark scenes in Mother!, she found peace in the special Kardashian tent full of pictures of the family.

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They met when Jennifer’s friends threw her a birthday party, and Kris made a surprise appearance by bringing the cake. She says:

When I walked out with this cake she was so excited and so excited to see me, and then we had this little texting friendship from then on.

But it is not only a texting friendship as they really spend time together. Kardashian-Jenner matriarch once Instagrammed a picture of herself and the actress cuddling up and congratulated Lawrence on her birthday.

Happy Birthday you piece of shit… God I love you #Jenniferlawrence thanks for making this night a night to remember…..even if we did get caught… I love you Happy Birthday Gorgeous!!! #Bible #momager #doll. Photo cred @coreygamble

Публикация от Kris Jenner (@krisjenner)

We wonder what Jennifer will come up with next time!

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