Jaw Dropping Victory! $1.6 Billion Mega Millions Jackpot Won In South Carolina


Jaw Dropping Victory! $1.6 Billion Mega Millions Jackpot Won In South Carolina

No one can deny at least once in their life imagining a sack of wealthy sum dumped in their laps. But as tempting as it sounds, it just not realistic. Dream on, dreamer!

Its globally advertised that playing the lottery is not a healthy way to seek a fortune. The luxury and the wonderous travels are nothing but pulsing desires. Basic math suggests its just a bad idea. Everyone is playing and the chances of you being chosen over them are quite slim.


However, Richard Lustig is the luckiest person alive in America who has won over seven lottery grand prizes and perfected his strategy through consecutive trial and error. His riches are mounted up at almost $700 million. If that made your heart sink, the next win can faint you!

The biggest lottery win in history

It took almost three hard months and 25 draws of a rolling wheel, but someone’s bundled luck has ultimately won him the Mega Millions grand jackpot. After it approached a world record amount, one ticket in South Carolina has favorably managed to match all six numbers in Tuesday night’s highly-awaited draw to bring an end to the most exquisite run of rollovers ever to be seen in the history of worldwide lotteries.

The lump sum amount of 1.6 Billion dollars is to be claimed in next 180 by its lucky winner. The next Mega Millions jackpot has again reset to $40 million ahead of the draw on Friday, October 26th. Well, someone is gonna need to buy a lot of bags first! 


The craziness of lotto

This mega blast of money was so anticipated that lottery lovers had gone wild about it. Some people even tend to sell their everything to buy the maximum number of tickets to get high chances of winning it. Though we cannot confirm the money source, the following man witnessed someone buying $15000 worth of lottery tickets. 

It’s gonna take some time to digest such a news. Grasps! Don’t forget to share this lotto frenzy!

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