Jason Aldean And Brittany Kerr Aldean Shared The Happy News: They Have A Son


Jason Aldean And Brittany Kerr Aldean Shared The Happy News: They Have A Son

On December 1, 2017, a country singer Jason Aldean became a father for the third time in his life. His wife, Brittany Kerr Aldean, gave birth to a sweet little boy, Memphis.

Following the tradition, the happy daddy shared the thrilling news on his Instagram.

The couple is married a little over two years, and the boy is their first common child.

Since May 2017, Jason and Brittany shared the news about their future kid on Instagram. It all began with an announcement from Jason telling everyone that they were going to be parents.

The revelation of the child’s sex also took place on Instagram.

Both mother and father shared a lot of pictures of Brittany’s growing baby bump and even the ultrasound screens.

Finally, on December 1st, both mom and dad posted the same photo of their extended family, introducing their little son to the world.

They named the boy Memphis Aldean Williams. Such an unusual choice of name was not occasional. Since both his parents had pretty common names, they wanted to pick something unique and outstanding for their kid, reports Entertainment Tonight.

It will be something really cool. Both of us have names that are pretty common, Jason and Brittany, so something that’s kind of unique is kind of our main goal.

Little Memphis has two older sisters on his dad’s side: Keeley and Kendyl. The happy father shared a sweet picture of him, his wife, and all three of his kids standing together.

Now, the big and happy family has an even more exciting journey ahead of them: To watch the little Memphis grow and learn something new every day. And we can only hope that the famous spouses will keep following their latest tradition by sharing these sweet moments with everyone.

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