Jared Leto Has Turned 46 And Still Looks Incredibly Young


Jared Leto Has Turned 46 And Still Looks Incredibly Young

We have to ask Jared Leto if he has found the elixir of eternal youth. Hollywood star has turned 46 on Tuesday and looks better than ever.

Leto’s career

Jared Leto’s amazing career encompasses acting, singing, songwriting, and even directing. He has had unbelievable success in all areas of interest and shows no signs of stopping.

His music career has been very successful with the band he co-founded with his brother, Shannon Leto. Jared is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and the singer for the band. The band Thirty Seconds to Mars has four successful studio albums, and Jared has announced something new earlier this year.

His acting skills are top-class because of his transformational abilities that are almost unmatched in the film industry. Some of Leto’s most memorable roles include Harry Goldfarb in Requiem for a Dream and Niander Wallace in Blade Runner 2049. 

For the unlikely role of his career as the HIV positive trans woman in Dallas Buyers Club, Jared was presented with all the major acting awards.

 Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

How does he look so young? What’s his secret?

There’s no doubt that the actor looks absolutely stunning. He definitely looks closer to 26 than he does to being 46. One cannot but wonder what’s his beauty routine. How does he stay so youthful?

In his interview for Elle magazine, Jared uncovered the stupefyingly simple truth about his looks. When he was asked about his morning routine, he gave the simplest possible answer:

Yeah. This is going to be easy. I take a shower and shampoo, and that’s it.

Even the Elle interviewer could not believe what he said, so she asked a follow-up about any additional moisturizers or anything similar.

Absolutely nothing. And if I’m not making a film, I don’t shave, I just grow my beard as it grows. But I don’t do anything, I don’t – I honestly don’t use anything. So, it’s pretty boring.

Well, we are having a tough time believing his explanation. If someone gets to look this good without really having to try, then that’s just not fair, is it?

Happy Birthday from all around the world

Jared Leto has amassed countless fans over the years, so Twitter basically exploded on his birthday. The fans rushed to congratulate the star and wish him all the best. We are just giving you a sample of the positive thoughts that went Leto’s way on Tuesday.

It is truly remarkable if you see just how many people he inspired. However, even some of his fans cannot grasp how ravishing he looks for a middle-aged man. What do you think? Is it make-up, genes, or something entirely different?

Nevertheless, we wish the one and only Jared Leto a Happy Birthday and may his wishes all come true.

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